MMM Theme (Michael McDonald Cover)

Michael Mcdonald at MMM

Michael McDonald points to his favorite Mark while recording at Z's home studio.

Today one of our favorite clients came in: Music Legend Michael McDonald. Since he’s one of our bros, he agreed to cover our theme song for practically nothing ($20,000). If you’re a younger patient and don’t know who Michael McDonald is, then be prepared to hear more soul in one cover than in an infinite opus sung by a chorus of 1,000,000 harvested Justin Bieber souls. When a song’s this soulful, it doesn’t matter than you can barely make out any of the lyrics. If you actually care about that crap, you’ll find them  below this INCREDIBLE track:

We’re here so you can smile
Smile so bright you can see it from a mile away
just make sure you brush every day

We’re three cool dudes making your teeth whiter
crack a few jokes make the mood much lighter
and then you’ll say
I wish I got my cavity filled every day

at MarkMarcMarc the second one with a ‘C’
Family Dentistry
at MarkMarcMarc the second one with a ‘C’
Family Dentistry

MarkMarcMark 30s Radio Spot ft. Mario Lopez (uncensored)

What’s up fools? Just got out of the home studio where I was w/ a certain mega celeb who just recorded a new radio spot for our practice. I haven’t censored it yet so this one’s for for cool kids only.

Schuster and Kaye: Listen, we had drinks and I convinced him to do this spot for practically nothing. I know I didn’t run the copy by you guys but sometimes you just gotta roll with it when you’re feelin’ it. M-Lo is so fucking cool I’ll tell you what he said about MPG later. AMAZING.

S – When you wake up do not be a bitch. K THX.

Under the Microscope

New Game! Guess what part of my body this is.


Winners will be announced every alternate Thursday. Prizes include your choice of one book from the bottom four rows of Dr. Schuster’s bookshelf.*


*offer applies only to the bookshelf in the office. Dr. Schuster’s home library Dr. Schuster’s library at Dr. Zeidman’s home is not part of the giveaway.

Windwinder – A Children’s Techno Opera by Dr. Z

windwinder logo

If there’s one thing that kid’s don’t appreciate these days, it’s a good opera.  Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a project that will mix opera with sugar.  In this case the sugar is made of a few things that kids these days can’t get enough of: Airbenders, techno and that owl movie.  This is the musical story of the Windwinder.  I’ve been working for days on this now, and I’ve already composed a beautiful ballad that will hopefully entice any children’s techno-opera producers or agents to help me get funding.  Enjoy the below track!

Dr. Mark Zeidman – Windwinder

Really Japan?

I have nothing against Japanese people. I love sushi. In fact, I even plan to go to Tokyo someday.  I find Japanese women to be very sexy (they seem to be more tan and less pan-faced than the Chinese)  But with all do respect…

jap spit cup

A good buddy of mine from my high-stakes gambling days is living in Japan right now.  He sent me this pic (above) of the rinse cups his Japanese dentist uses.  Jesus Japan, is it that hard to write a simple phrase????  You can’t hire a person who speaks English to write the copy for your ‘American’-style cups????  This is why I will never buy a Toyota.  “Let’s Brushing?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? LET’S BRUSHING?????  I would rather kill myself with a water pick than drink out of a cup that says ‘LET’S BRUSHING!’  And then, ‘I am a toothbrush.’  I AM A TOOTHBRUSH???? ARE YOU PEOPLE BABIES?????  I MEAN COME ON OF COURSE IT’S A TOOTH BRUSH!!! Haven’t you people ever heard of SHOW DON’T TELL???? Oh and nice flaccid expression on that gay-wad brush.  That thing has about as much emotion as Japanese people.

Again, I have mad respect for the amazing, incredible Asian cultures, I just wished they spent less time building cutting-edge robots and more time checking their grammar.


We might be the only family dentistry practice in Los Angeles to give discounts for Twitter followers, Tumblr fanatics and fan club members, but we’re not going to let it go to our heads.

We’re going to continue to bring you more hip deals, more fun promotions and be the mORAL leaders in the community that you have come to know and love.  We’ll chew out anybody who doesn’t get the dad-GUM importance of brushing and flossing with MONDAY FUNDAYS, for example.  Or maybe you want to get 10% off your cleaning on TOOTHsday (Tuesday)… Yes, there are tons of things that we have for you.

Remember kids (and adults) at Mark Marc Mark, it’s teeth first… Smile second.