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Dental Babe of the Month

Dental Babe of the Month is where we use google to find hot pictures of dentistry-related girls who are attractive, and then bring them to you.

babe of the month - september

daddy likey

Miss September: Tammy

I found this little hardbody by google image-searching ‘dental hygienist.’  I’m ‘forbidden’ from seeing the full size image from http://www.dentalhygienistsalary.net/ where I found this pic but even in this tiny picture, you can see how symmetrical she is.  Also, I don’t know if her name is Tammy, but we just fill in the blanks with our imagination!

Tammy likes beach volleyball and is also an avid blogger (possibly this one?).  She’s 19 and when she’s not assisting dentists, she attends Arizona State University, where  she majors in modeling.

The Living Teeth

teeth people
A poem by Dr. Mark Zeidman

When I think about teeth
I think they could be like people.

Can they dance?
No, but they can wiggle.
Are they sad?
Only when they have a cavity!

Do they miss the baby teeth?
Do they like each other?
Molars stick together.

Why are they so they dumb?
Because the wisdom teeth are removed.
Why are they so bright?
Because they are white!

Braces: Turn on or Turn off?

A lot of kids are hesitant to get braces because they believe they’re unattractive. Well, I say that’s subjective. Sure, they can turn an awkward teenage boy into a full-blown loser, but on a woman (over 18 of course), braces can add a youthfulness that’s sexually appealing. Though in practicality, the act of kissing a person with braces is probably a worse experience than the norm (due to bacteria from rotting food stuck in the braces), I find the idea of a chick with braces is quite exciting. In fact, I frequently search for this on the internet.

Vices: My Problem With Skoal

By Dr. Mark Z

We all have our vices.  It’s not easy for me to admit some of mine.  As a dentist, I give a lot of advice about dental health.  One piece of that advice that I consistently betray is to not use chewing tobacco.  I don’t need to get into all the bull crap about what it does to your teeth.  It’s bad, but I can’t stop.

It feels so go good to squeeze the tobacco juice into my gums.  It’s a sweet trip into relaxation city.  I wish I could stop, but it’s just too hard.  Whenever I watch my Phillies, and see the remarkably handsome Chase Utley packing a sweet a lip, I just crave the taste of what he’s tasting.

I don’t recommend this to any of my patients, but damn it just feels right and it eats away at me and my gums.  My buddy Jake is a Cardiologist, and he has the same cognitive dissonance when it comes to his habitual ‘Slim Jim’ pounding ( I was like ‘Bro don’t mess with Sasquatch’ LOL).  Do you have vices?  That’s okay, I understand.