Office Memo: Why I Wear the Labcoat

There’s no reason to ask if I’m in my office building time machines, curing cancer, or designing a rocket to Mars. It happens to be cold in there, and I did not go to dental school to wear hoodies.

Braces: Turn on or Turn off?

A lot of kids are hesitant to get braces because they believe they’re unattractive. Well, I say that’s subjective. Sure, they can turn an awkward teenage boy into a full-blown loser, but on a woman (over 18 of course), braces can add a youthfulness that’s sexually appealing. Though in practicality, the act of kissing a person with braces is probably a worse experience than the norm (due to bacteria from rotting food stuck in the braces), I find the idea of a chick with braces is quite exciting. In fact, I frequently search for this on the internet.

Vices: My Problem With Skoal

By Dr. Mark Z

We all have our vices.  It’s not easy for me to admit some of mine.  As a dentist, I give a lot of advice about dental health.  One piece of that advice that I consistently betray is to not use chewing tobacco.  I don’t need to get into all the bull crap about what it does to your teeth.  It’s bad, but I can’t stop.

It feels so go good to squeeze the tobacco juice into my gums.  It’s a sweet trip into relaxation city.  I wish I could stop, but it’s just too hard.  Whenever I watch my Phillies, and see the remarkably handsome Chase Utley packing a sweet a lip, I just crave the taste of what he’s tasting.

I don’t recommend this to any of my patients, but damn it just feels right and it eats away at me and my gums.  My buddy Jake is a Cardiologist, and he has the same cognitive dissonance when it comes to his habitual ‘Slim Jim’ pounding ( I was like ‘Bro don’t mess with Sasquatch’ LOL).  Do you have vices?  That’s okay, I understand.