QUICK TIP: Vacations with the Family!?

Vacations are a way to remind you of how nice work is.

QUICK TIP:  Don’t put off that vacation!  Get it out of the way!

Usually I enjoy the idea of a weekend. I like the idea of getting away from it all.  I like the concept of “the end of the week.” But every once in a while I lose the gumption. I lose my zest for going out with the boys.  Some weekends I just want to be not working and not partying (whatever that means) and I just want to be.

Those are the weekends I spend with my family. This weekend is one of those weekends.

After a weekend away with Pam and Sam off at some overpriced hotel doing nothing productive and spending every waking hour trying to make them happy, there is nothing more exciting than waking up on Monday morning and getting back to work.

Thanks to my family I can really appreciate the workweek. It’s because of them that I am inspired to be away from home for days and work on becoming a better dentist.