Hey Pam! Stuck in Traffic! (for my wife)

Who can say no to this?

Hi Pam,

I know you check this when I’m not home on time, so I didn’t bother to call.  I saw on sig-alert that the 110 and 710 were backed up, and I was a little too hungry to wait over a half hour to get all the way home, so I stopped off and got myself a pizza and a pitcher of beer.  Nothing like a nice pepperoni ‘za to ditch the traffic blues. Then I met a few locals and we had some more beers… they said I could crash at their place tonight, but I don’t think I’ll do that, probably have Schuster and Zeidman come pick me up in an hour or so and then we’ll go out or something. LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER MARC KAYE WEDNESDAY!

Just an FYI!  Love ya,

Hubby Marc (the K man)

Note for Pam


Sorry it's dead!


Hey there,

My beeper died and I left my cell at the office, so I guess you probably know what this means since it’s Thursday and everything.

I’ll see you Saturday at Sam’s game!

Sorry I had to post this on the site, my email is being weird too!

Oh well. Love you!

Your Husband,

Marc (with a c) Kaye

* (Sometimes my beeper just goes on the fritz, Pam’s used to it, but I want to let her know where I am and when she’ll see me again.  She’s my wife, y’know?)