Mark Schuster D.D.S enjoys solar telescopes and shared custody of his dog, Rosie.







Marc Kaye D.D.S. Dentist. Major dude. Total star. I have a kid and a wife. I’m around. I run Mark Marc Mark Family dentistry with my bros.







Mark Zeidman D.D.S.‘s parents openly cheated on each other but never got a formal divorce. He lost his virginity at age 11 to his 53 year old Dominican housekeeper. Both his parents’ infidelity and his early deflowering forced the young  Zeidman to grow up fast.

Despite getting only a 960 on his SAT’s and a 2.8 G.P.A., Mark was accepted to dental school on a tennis scholarship.

As a practicing dentist, Ziedman has received international acclaim for inventing “Sirloin” and “Breast Milk” flavored fluorides.

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