Dental Babe of the Month

Dental Babe of the Month is where we use google to find hot pictures of dentistry-related girls who are attractive, and then bring them to you.

babe of the month - september

daddy likey

Miss September: Tammy

I found this little hardbody by google image-searching ‘dental hygienist.’  I’m ‘forbidden’ from seeing the full size image from where I found this pic but even in this tiny picture, you can see how symmetrical she is.  Also, I don’t know if her name is Tammy, but we just fill in the blanks with our imagination!

Tammy likes beach volleyball and is also an avid blogger (possibly this one?).  She’s 19 and when she’s not assisting dentists, she attends Arizona State University, where  she majors in modeling.

2 thoughts on “Dental Babe of the Month

  1. I KNOW THIS GIRL! Her name is Sarah (with an “h”) and we had a j-date. She brought friends with her who only drink top-shelf vodka.

    I called a few days later, but I must have put her number in my phone wrong…

  2. Personally, I like that we’re branching out and giving back to the community. They have given us so many babes, as dentists I feel like we should give back. I’m speaking as a married man, of course.

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